At our most recent show in Windsor, Connecticut we honored three First Responders for their dedication to helping those in need:

picture of Meredith Johnson
picture of Althea Powell
picture of Warren Hardy

Meredith Johnson

Doll’s House Foundation
A philosophy of helping that transcends race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and socioeconomic conditions. The organization has a simple principle; if someone has a need, we want to try to help.

Althea "Leatha" Powell

"Let’s Talk" Ministry
Encouraging people to share their stories. Her ministry is based in Hartford, and has a daily phone line from Monday through Friday. The ministry also supports a women's ministry focused on a chatline every Thursday.

Warren Hardy

Founder and CEO of H.Y.P.E.
(Helping Young People Evolve)
Dedicated to developing youth. Mr. Hardy is certified as a Level I Kingian Nonviolence trainer and serves on the board of directors of the Connecticut Center for Nonviolence.

Bridges of Love Show New England is not affiliated with any of the Honorees/Organizations.
All donations should be directly forwarded to the appropriate organization.